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Bamix Immersion Blenders
Bamix Bamix Mono M133 Immersion Blender Bamix Gastro 200 Professional Immersion Blender Bamix DeLuxe M150 Immersion Blender Set Bamix Swissline M150 Immersion Blender Set Bamix Superbox M150 Immersion Blender Set
Mono M133 Professional G200 DeLuxe M150 Swissline M150 Superbox M150
Item Number 102.206 103.058 101.150 100.157 105.049
Performance 140-watts 200-watts 150-watts 150-watts 150-watts
Multi-Purpose Blade X X X X X
Whisk X X X X X
Beater X X X X X
Meat/Vegetable Mincer   X     X
Processor       X X
Chopper     X    
Multi-Beaker (600-ml) X       Optional
Jug (900-ml)       X X
Wall Bracket X X      
Table Stand     X X X
Speed 1 8,000-rpm 10,000-rpm 10,000-rpm 10,000-rpm 10,000-rpm
Speed 2 12,000-rpm 15,000-rpm 15,000-rpm 15,000-rpm 15,000-rpm
Shaft Length 5.5-inches 7.5-inches 5.5-inches 5.5-inches 5.5-inches
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