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Berard Olive Wood Salt Keeper

No Longer Available


  • Hand crafted by Artisans, so no two pieces are exactly alike
  • Olive wood is naturally strong, yet elegant
  • Being environmentally friendly, the wood comes from sustainably managed forests
  • Ideal for cooking, serving or decorating
  • Hand-wash and rinse in warm water
  • Handcrafted in Tunisia, using traditional methods


The Berard Olive Wood Salt Keeper elegantly stores table salt, gourmet salts, herbs, and favorite seasonings. Features a small magnet on the lid to ensure a tight seal so moisture won't come in contact with ingredients. Olive wood is very durable wood which provides the intriguing grain that makes each piece unique. Features a robust texture with tight fibres and a superb yellow polish with brown veins. As olive wood is very dense, it resists odors and stains better than other types of wood. To prevent the wood from drying, occasionally apply some vegetable oil, food safe mineral oil or beeswax.

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