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CDN Digital Probe Thermometer, Timer & Clock

No Longer Available


  • Instrument Range: 14 to 392°F/-10 to +200°C
  • +/- 2° accuracy.
  • For Candy/Roast/Oven
  • Big digit
  • Stainless steel probe
  • Dual progress display


The CDN Digital Cooking Thermometer and Timer is ideal for roasting, candy and oven testing. This precision multi-purpose cooking thermometer features a probe that measures the foods temperature internally while roasting. Includes a special saucepan probe attachment with digital memory that stores high and low temperature extremes for oven testing. For roasting, simply insert the probe into the food, place the food in the oven and close the oven door directly over the probe cable. For candy, attach the probe clip to the saucepan's edge and insert the probe into the mixture. Set the desired internal food temperature, then wait for the alarm to indicate when the cooking is done. The control module sits on a countertop or magnetically attaches to the oven or stove surface for convenience. It continuously displays internal food temperature vs. set temperature. Use the timer to signal stages of cooking. The timer buzzer has a different sound than the temperature alarm to avoid any confusion. The big 3/4-in. display numerals are easy to see, even from across the room. Hang the probe inside the over for oven testing. Current temperature can be displayed and continuously updated. High and low temperature extremes can be saved in memory for later recall with the Max/Min feature. The temperature probe can be unplugged for convenience when using the timer by itself. When the count down time reaches zero, the alarm sounds. The timer remembers the last time counted- perfect for repeat timing operations. Five Year Limited Warranty.

Perfect for roasting or grilling. Simply insert the probe into the food. Place the food in the oven or barbecue and close the oven door (or grill cover) directly over the sensor cable. Set the temperature alert for USDA safe cooking temperatures listed on the back of the case! Both the set and actual temperatures are displayed during cooking. For oven testing, the DTTC samples the variance of internal temperatures and displays the maximum and minimum temperatures reached. It's also great for alerting properly chilled temperatures. Count up or down with this big digit timer. Timing repetitive tasks is easy with the last count recall, and avoid confusion with the distinct sound on the timer alarm. Choose from a 12-hour or 24-hour clock while the running seconds provide easy reference for short tasks.

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