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Chef's Choice 15 Degree Sharpening Module for Model 2100
Chef's Choice 15 Degree Sharpening Module for Model 2100
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3-stage sharpener, lightning fast diamond abrasives and ultra-fine stropping stage, for astonishing sharp edges in seconds
Edge Guide includes Double-Bevel, Triple-Bevel, 15° Edge, 20° Edge, 15 and 20°, Single-Sided, CrissCross, Steeled Edge, and Serrated
Knife Guide includes Chef's Knives, Santoku Knives, Bread Knives, Hunting Knives, Fillet Knives, Pocket Knives, Scissors, Machete/Ax, and Ceramic Knives
Precision guides guarantee perfect results every time, edges stay sharp up to 3 times longer
6 x 3.25 x 3-inches tall; NSF certified
Made in USA with a 1-year warranty; detaches easily for cleaning and sanitizing in the sink or dishwasher


The Chef's Choice 15° Sharpening Module for Model 2100 puts an exceptionally sharp and durable edge on Asian Style and other 15° edge knives. This model incorporates advanced diamond abrasive, honing and stropping technology to produce the sharpest and most durable edges of any sharpener available today. Specifically for use with Chef's Choice Model 2100 Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener. You can quickly and reliably develop a shaving-sharp edge on all your knives. Once your knives have been sharpened, resharpening takes less than one minute. This model is equipped with the novel 3-Stage EdgeSelect Sharpening Module that sequentially sharpens, hones and strops your knife edge to perfection. The knife is sharpened in the first stage with 100% diamond surface abrasives and then honed in the 2nd Stage with finer diamond particles. In the 3rd Stage, the edge is stropped and polished to hair splitting sharpness. This proprietary 3-Stage sharpening system creates and essentially burr-free triple beveled knife edge that will stay sharp longer than conventionally sharpened knives. The sharpening module, incorporating all three stages, is a self-contained unit that can be removed simply by depressing the release button and sliding the module off the motor-drive housing.
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