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Chef's Choice 3 Stage 14 Degree Electric Knife Sharpener


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  • 3-stage electric knife sharpener designed to sharpen, hone and polish straight and serrated edge blades, placing a high-performance 14° edge
  • Stage 1 features an 100% diamond abrasive wheel, sharpens dull knives and creates a new edge onto the knife blade
  • Stage 2 slot features a finer grit diamond wheel, refining the edge and hones
  • Stage 3 has an advanced stropping material to polish the knife blade to a razor-sharp edge
  • Made in USA with a 3-year warranty; 120-volts; 10 x 4 x 4" tall


Our exclusive Chef's Choice 3-stage Precision Edge Electric Knife Sharpener is designed to sharpen, hone and polish straight and serrated edge blades. Features 3 stages, including Stage 1 with a diamond abrasive wheel to create a new edge onto dull knife blades. Stage 2 has a finer diamond grit wheel to hone and refine the knife edge. Stage 3 features an advanced stropping material that polishes the blade to a razor-sharp edge and will sharpen serrated knives. This sharpener will work with all western-styled knives, placing a high-performance 14° edge.

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