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Chef's Choice 3 Stage Model 151 Stainless Steel Universal Electric Knife Sharpener
Chef's Choice 3 Stage Model 151 Stainless Steel Universal Electric Knife Sharpener
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For use with all brands of European, Asian or American knives
Produces 15° edges; the perfect balance of sharpness and durability
Brushed stainless steel housing, 3 electric stages, heavy duty 125-watt motor
Will also easily sharpen your older 20° edges to a sharper 15°
Precision angle guides for foolproof sharpening from heel to tip
Assembled in USA with a 3-year warranty


Exclusive to Cutlery and More, this Chef's Choice Electric Knife Sharpener is the only sharpener you will need to maintain your quality cutlery, no matter which brand of Asian, European or American knives you own. Most cutlery that we sell today, including our popular German brands, are factory ground at about 15°. This fully electric sharpener will easily maintain those, as well as place a sharper 15° edge on your older knives that may have been originally ground at 20° or higher. The resulting Chef's Choice Trizor XV edge offers a triple-bevel design for sharpness and maximum edge retention. Truly universal, this electric sharpener will also sharpen serrated knives in Stage 3, single-bevel Asian knives, hunting and pocket knives. The first two stages utilize coarse and fine diamond abrasives while the third is an ultra-fine stropping stage for polishing the final edge.
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