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Enso Hand-Forged 7" Aogami Super Bunka with Saya


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  • Hand-forged carbon steel blade; 65 Rockwell Hardness; features a rustic black kurouchi finish; Kurouchi roughly translates to "blacksmith's finish"
  • Cutting core is aogami super (blue super carbon steel) that is then cladded in stainless steel for easier maintenance with the same performance of a carbon steel blade
  • Teak wood octagonal handle with buffalo horn black ferrule; polished and rounded spine
  • Hand-ground to approximately 12° razor-sharp double-bevel edge is more robust than a single edge and less prone to chip or nick
  • Forging, heat treatment, grinding and sharpening are all done in the same shop; hand engraved Japanese kanji on the blade translates to "Enso Made in Japan"
  • Handmade in a small blacksmith shop in Tsubame, which is a city located in Niigata Prefecture, Japan; teak wood saya is handmade in Japan


The Enso Hand-Forged Aogami Super Bunka is suitable for cutting fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and more. The belly of the blade makes this the ultimate push cut master for either long or short cuts. The triangular tip area is particularly useful for detailed work. The Bunka translates to "culture", which is a cross between a Nakiri and Gyuto Knife. Each Enso Hand-Forged Aogami Super knife has a slightly different appearance and size because the blade is hand-forged and the handle is teak wood. The double-bevel edge is more robust than a single edge and less prone to chip or nick because both sides of the edge are equally supported, so the hard core of steel is supported on both sides. Each Enso Hand-Forged Aogami Super knife is made by hand using a traditional free forging technique inherited by Japanese swordsmiths.

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