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Finex 15" Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan
Finex 15" Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan
No Longer Available

Pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, ready for use; polished, ultra-smooth surface gives naturally nonstick performance
Thick-walled cast iron heats evenly and holds heat extremely well; eight sides for perfect pours and greater cooking control
Innovative domed fat draining base, true BBQ-width grill ribs and pre-seasoned easy release grill surface
Use with gas, induction, electric stoves or straight over the coals, oven safe and grill ready
15.5 x 9 x 1.25-inches deep, 12.5 x 8.25-inch cooking surface; weighs 9-lbs
Proudly crafted in Portland, Oregon in the USA with a lifetime warranty; hand-wash only and dry immediately after use as cast iron will rust if left wet


The Finex Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan features a domed interior surface that drains fat and grilling juices to the pan's margins, ensuring that grilled foods gain flavor, not fat. Rich marbled steaks, juicy burgers and well marinated vegetables often release excess fat and juices which fries or steams, instead of grilling. This grill pan solves these juicy problems with a patented domed drainage base that channels drippings to the pan's edges and away from trouble, delivering honest-to-goodness grilling flavor without the fat. It also has an oversized grilling surface leaving room to flip the largest cuts and quantities with ease. While its low profile rectangular shape makes the Lean Grill Pan easy to store in drawers or cupboards we think it looks good enough to leave out on the stovetop for year-round grilling inspiration.
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