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Finex 12" Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

No Longer Available


  • Pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, ready for use; polished, ultra-smooth surface gives naturally nonstick performance
  • Thick-walled cast iron heats evenly and holds heat extremely well; eight sides for perfect pours and greater cooking control
  • Ergonomic stainless steel spring handle stays cool longer, and cools down faster, no need for oven mitts
  • Use with gas, induction, electric stoves or straight over the coals, oven safe and grill ready
  • 12-inch diameter, 2-inches deep, 18.75-inches long overall with handle; weighs 13-lbs with lid
  • Proudly crafted in Portland, Oregon in the USA with a lifetime warranty; hand-wash only and dry immediately after use as cast iron will rust if left wet


The Finex cast iron skillet is polished smooth for perfect eggs every time. It's a searing machine for hearty steaks, chops and salmon. It's brilliant for baking perfect cornbread, pies, cakes and muffins. Each cast iron piece is made by hand from premium American cast iron, polished stainless steel and brass and then double hand seasoned with organic flax seed oil for a lifetime of use. The lid is great for steaming, braising and simmering. From stovetop, to oven, to grill, even over the coals, the Finex cast iron skillet is a trusted essential you'll pass down for generations. The Finex cast iron skillet is polished for an ultra-smooth cooking surface that minimizes sticking and cleaning. Designed with a distinct geometric shape for easier pouring, means fewer spills and drips. The ergonomic stainless steel spring handle stays cool longer, and cools down faster. The ribbed helper handle on the front lip makes it easy to lift and transfer from stovetop to table. The finishing touch is a beautiful brass cap that makes it easy to hang. At-home and professional chefs alike love cast iron for its superior heat retention. The Finex cast iron skillet's generous size makes it perfect for searing big steaks, thick chops and substantial salmon fillets, while the skillet's extra deep walls contain hearty portions. The thick base heats evenly and prevents hot spots, allowing the cast iron to retain heat even when cold ingredients are added. Its brilliant heat retention bakes perfect cornbread, cakes and muffins.

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