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Furi Rachael Ray 2 Piece Coppertail Forged Stainless Steel Santoku Knife Set

No Longer Available


This spectacular set includes a 7-in. and 5-in. Coppertail Knife enclosed in a Bamboo Gift Box. A cross between a cook's knife and a vegetable chopper, the Furi Rachael Ray Coppertail knife has a thin blade with an exceptionally sharp cutting edge that slices through vegetables and meats with more ease than the thicker cook's knife. The granton edge reduces friction to make slicing easier.

These are the only knives used and designed by the Food Network's 30-Minute Meals star Rachael Ray! It features Hollow-edge blade has more roll in the end of the blade than a regular Santoku, offering both the rocking/sawing motion of a chef's knife and the chopper work of a Santoku. Also features a unique copper insert in the handle that allows it to be shaved down to completely rebalance the knife.

Rachael says: "I love the sharpness and scalloped edge of a Santoku blade - it is the best blade available for slicing through a tomato. However, a traditional Santoku knife has a very straight edge, which makes it difficult to use in a rocking and sliding motion, as with most traditional chef's knives. The Furi RR East/West features both a sharp, scalloped Santoku blade... and a rounded edge."

"Since I spend more time with a chef's knife in hand than not... I need a handle that is easy to hold and doesn't slip. The Furi RR features a unique "reverse wedge" shaped handle which reduces the amount of squeeze needed and keeps my hand from getting fatigued."

"The Furi RR Coppertail is the ONLY knife I've seen that features a counter-balancing copper insert in the handle. During years of sharpening and honing any blade, metal is removed from the blade edge, thereby reducing the weight of the blade and throwing off the balance of the blade to handle. What makes the Furi RR Coppertail different from other knives, is that the copper insert in the handle can be shaved down to reduce the weight of the handle and rebalance the knife over time!"

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