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Global Chef's Knives in Lines: Global, Ukon, Sai & Ni


Truly unique, Global knives are crafted in Tsubame, Japan. Made from one of the finest steels, they are sleek, modern and easy to maintain. Global knives are recognized for their iconic black dimpled handles.
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Global 8-inch Hollow Edge Model X Chef's Knife and Global 8-inch Model X Chef's Knife

Model X

Wider Blade, Fuller Handle & Thicker Spine for Improved Balance, 40% Heavier than Standard Model, With or Without Hollow Edge
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Global Sai Chef's Knife


"Strike", Cromova 18 Steel, 15° Blade Angle, Triple-Layered with Hammered Finish
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Global Ukon Chef's Knife


"Modern Meets Tradition", Cromova 18 Steel, 15° Blade Angle, 10% Sharper
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Global Ni Chef's Knife


Cromova 18 Steel, 12.5° Blade Angle, Single Layer, Slanted Tip
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