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Goodbye Detergent Cutting Board Refresher Pad, Coarse

No Longer Available


  • Designed to refresh open-grain wood on cutting boards as well as buffing out surface stains and wear marks on blades
  • Made of polyethylene and silicone carbide
  • Moisten with water and scrub board in a circular motion using the abrasive side and seal with mineral oil using the polishing side to restore the finish, followed by rinsing
  • Features an abrasive coating side for sanding and dense foam side for polishing
  • Reusable, use less detergent


The Goodbye Detergent Coarse Cutting Board Refresher Pad is for use on open-grain wood cutting boards. Features dual-sided scrubbing power including an abrasive coating on one side for sanding and a dense foam side for polishing and applying oil. These reusable pads dry quickly and completely, limiting bacteria and mold with no detergent needed. Also designed for buffing out surface stains and wear marks on blades.

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