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Kramer by Zwilling Glass Water Stone Set
Kramer by Zwilling Glass Water Stone Set
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Set Includes

1000 Grit Glass Water Stone
400 Grit Glass Water Stone
5000 Grit Glass Water Stone
Bob Kramer Instructional DVD
Bamboo Sink Bridge
Cleaning Stone


Includes 3 Japanese ceramic whetstones: #400, #1000 & #5000 grit, bamboo whetstone bridge, cleaning stone
Efficiently sharpens all knives to desired sharpness, excluding ceramic
Bob Kramer instructional DVD
Sharpening & cleaning stone is made in Japan


Bob Kramer is widely recognized for his extremely sharp high performing carbon steel knives. To keep these knives maintained and sharp, Bob Kramer by Zwilling J.A. Henckels has introduced an entire collection of water stones. Each water stone is made from a synthetic ceramic. Grit #400 will change the angle of the edge and also repair the knife blade from nicks & chips, #1000 grit is used for fine sharpening, #5000 grit is for extra fine finishing, polishing and will place a very sharp edge onto the knife blade. These stones are safe to use on all knives except ceramic. Each sharpening stone measures 8.25 X 2.75 X .25-inches. The bamboo whetstone sink bridge creates an ideal work station and will adjust to fit various sink sizes, (24-inches when fully extended). A cleaning stone is also included in this kit to polish & clean your ceramic whetstones along with a Bob Kramer instructional DVD to guide you on how to make and keep your knives razor sharp.
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