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Kasumi 240/1000 Grit Combination Water Stone

No Longer Available


  • White medium grit #1000 for bad condition blades
  • Orange rough grit #240 for average condition blades
  • Restore the edges on your knife blades to factory razor sharp
  • 2.5" x 0.5" flattening stone to make the surface of the water stone flat
  • Made in Japan; 7-1/8 x 2.5 x 1" thick, removable rubber base


Kasumi Combination Water Stones keep the edges razor sharp on your knife blades. If your blade edge is in bad condition, start sharpening with the #240 rough grit of the water stone. If your blade is in average condition, start with the #1000 medium grit. These two grits will keep your knives sharp enough for normal home use.

Simply place the water stone in water and wait until the bubbles disappear (10 to 15 minutes). With tip pointing away from you, a right-handed person should start to sharpen on the right side of blade. A left-handed person should start to sharpen on the left side of the blade. Hold the knife tightly and draw the edge backward and forward at an angle of 10-20°. It is best to sharpen starting with the tip of the edge first, followed by the middle, and finally the lower part of the edge. On each step when you feel the burr at the side opposite to the one you are sharpening, it is time to move to the next part to be sharpened. Repeat the same process for the other side of the blade. The opposite blade side needs less work and when the burrs are gone, you are finished. The powder that forms on the stone is essential to the sharpening process and should not be rinsed away. After sharpening, the knives should be washed in water and dried completely with a soft towel.

The included flattening stone makes the surface of the water stone flat again. After some use, the surface of the water stone will become uneven. When this happens, please grind the surface of the water stone with this stone to make it flat. A flat surface is best for sharpening your knives.

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