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Kasumi Multi Sharpener
Kasumi Multi Sharpener
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Includes water stone, ceramic wheel and diamond wheel
Water stone surface medium grit #1000 for final finishing after sharpening
Ceramic wheel sharpener grit #320 suitable for stainless steel blades sharpened on both sides
Diamond wheel sharpener grit #1000 for harder steel and ceramic blades on one side only
Made in Japan; 8.5 x 1.75 x 1.75" tall


The Kasumi Multi Sharpener enables you to sharpen various kinds of blades, including ceramic knives. Features a twin-sharpener and water stone with new suspension spring system that eases up for smoother sharpening. The combination of diamond and ceramic wheels facilitates sharpening a variety of knife types. The diamond wheel sharpens hard blades including ceramic. Use the compact water stone for finishing after sharpening, with the wheels or on its own for sharpening small knives.
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