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Kyocera Red Ceramic Perfect Peeler
Kyocera Red Ceramic Perfect Peeler
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Glides effortlessly, won't rust or brown foods, vertical and horizontal styles
45° angle lessens fatigue, 5 different settings, locks in place
Ceramic blade will not transfer metal ions to food, nor corrode from acids
Ceramic blade is super sharp for peeling fruits or vegetables
Made in Japan, Dishwasher safe


What makes this Kyocera Ceramic Perfect Peeler unique is its rotary head that can turn and lock into several different positions. It can function as a both a vertical and horizontal (Y-shaped) peeler and function for both left and right-handed individuals. Whether you need to peel a round fruit, which the horizontal motion is best, or if you need to peel a long vegetable like carrots, the vertical position is easiest. Additionally, the blade can lock into a 45 degree angle, which we found to be an extremely comfortable position for peeling most items. Ceramic is a pure and healthy alternative. Unlike steel knives, ceramic blades will not transfer metal ions to food, nor corrode from acids or oils in fruits and vegetables. Ceramic will never rust. At half the weight of and equivalent steel knife, a ceramic knife becomes a comfortable extention of the hand, reducing fatigue during long, repetitive cutting tasks.
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