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Mauviel M'tradition 1-quart Copper Coffee Pot with Wooden Handle
Mauviel M'tradition 1-quart Copper Coffee Pot with Wooden Handle
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Copper heats more evenly, much faster than other metals and offers superior cooking control
2mm thick copper cookware allows unsurpassed heat conductivity and control
Mauviel copper/tin cookware construction is 90% copper and 10% tin
6" base, 2.25" top diameter, 4.5" deep, 5" wood handle, 5.75" tall overall
Made in France with a lifetime warranty


The Mauviel M'tradition Copper Coffee Pot produces incredible coffee as well as a chocolate pot for making hot chocolate. The wide bottom and narrow neck ensures the coffee is brewed perfectly along with the long wooden handle, designed to protect your fingers over the stove. The Mauviel M'tradition collection is a combination of two powerful and traditional materials, copper and tin. The handles are constructed of thick cast-iron with copper rivets. This blend of materials energizes the pleasure of cooking. The copper allows for unsurpassed heat conductivity and control, and the tin interior is ideal for all daily cooking needs. Tin interior preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of foods and easy to clean. Made in France, lifetime warranty.
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