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Messermeister Water Stones
Messermeister Water Stones
1000/3000 Grit
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Ideal for honing and sharpening a knife
Combination water stone #1000 and #3000 grit with silicone base
1000 grit side is used for maintaining a very sharp edge
3000 grit side is designed for finishing the sharpest edges with a polish
Pre-soak the water stone for 10-15 minutes before use


The Messermeister Two-Sided 1000 & 3000 Grit Combination Sharpening Stone is designed to maintain, sharpen, and polish. The 1000 grit side is excellent for maintaining a very sharp edge. The 3000 grit side is great for finishing the sharpest edges with a polish. This stone provides a complete solution to maintaining the sharpest kitchen cutlery.
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