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Miyabi 8.25x2.75x1" Toishi Pro 1000 Grit Ceramic Water Stone

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  • Made from synthetic ceramic whetstone
  • Grit #1000, is mostly used for fine basic sharpening
  • Long-lasting sharpness achieved with minimal work, sharpens all knives excluding ceramic
  • Apply a small amount of water, soak the whetstone in water for 5 minutes
  • Made in Japan with a lifetime warranty; 8.25 x 2.75-inch surface, 1-inch thick


The Miyabi Toishi Pro 1000 Grit Ceramic Water Stone is ideal for keeping knife blades maintained to the desired sharpness. Grit #1000 is used for basic sharpening and will place a razor sharp polished edge onto the knife blade. Before sharpening, pre-soak the whetstone for 5 minutes and keep the stone slightly wet during the sharpening process.

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