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Miyabi Magnetic Knife Stands
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Miyabi Magnetic Knife Stands
Miyabi Magnetic Knife Stands
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Holds up to 7 Miyabi knives; but will work on any steel knives
Hidden magnetic strips hold knives firmly without scratching
Constructed of beautiful red maple wood with a walnut stain
Allows the blades to be featured as part of your kitchen decor
13.5 x 10-inch magnetic block surface area, 7-inch width, 9-inches tall; made in China with a lifetime warranty


This Miyabi Magnetic Knife Stand is magnetized and sits on an angle, so the knifes are held magnetically to it. In addition, placing or removing your knives from a knife block dulls the knives blades faster as they are constantly dragged along the lower inside lip area of the knife block slots. Knives not included.
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