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Norton Coarse & Fine India Combination Oil Stone Sharpening Station
Norton Coarse & Fine India Combination Oil Stone Sharpening Station
No Longer Available

Great for maintaining really sharp edges on all your cutlery
The coarse stone sharpens dull edges quickly.
Sharpener's base and cover are made from a rigid injection-molded plastic for durability and impact resistance
Provides a neat, convenient way to keep the sharpening stone coated with lubricant
Fine stones provide an excellent edge for most food preparation requirements and should be used on a regular basis to maintain your edge


This device is a household version of Norton's famous IB8 sharpening stone which has been a sharpening tool used by professional chefs for almost 100 years. Sharpening is faster and easier when lubricant is sitting on top of the stone. The lubricant prevents the stone from loading and glazing which results in consistent performance and less mess. Water or light weight mineral oil can be used as a lubricant. The case contains a two sided, 8 inch long by two inch wide, stone. It is easy to rotate, allowing the user to position and lubricate the desired side. Non-slip feet help keep the base secure on your counter top when sharpening. Four ounces of pharmacopoeia grade mineral oil is included to fill the oil bath. It meets FDA requirements for use near food products. Complete instructions and sharpening guide wedge for both European style cutlery and Asian style cutlery are included in the IM50 Professional Sharpening System package.
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