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Norton Model IM313 3-way Multi Oil Stone Sharpening System
Norton Model IM313 3-way Multi Oil Stone Sharpening System
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Includes heavy-duty plastic base unit with cover, 3 stones & 16-ounce Norton honing oil
The first stone is the fast cutting coarse Crystolon stone
The second stone is the medium grit Crystolon stone
The third stone is the fine India stone for final honing
Oil reservoir keeps the stones that are not being used submerged in the oil so they're ready to use


This is the ultimate sharpening device. Includes Fine, Medium, and Coarse Stones. The Coarse Stone quickly restores badly worn cutting edges, while the medium stone produces the average edge needed for many tools, and the fine stone hones to a sharper edge. This system is used by pouring the oil directly into the reservoir and turning the stone holding assembly so that the sharpening stone becomes submerged in oil. As you progress from grit to grit, you will always have an oiled stoned ready to use. The dimensions of the stones are 11.5 x 2.5 x 1/2-inch, so they will accommodate any size knife. All are held in a sturdy non-skid case with cover. It also comes with a pint of Norton sharpening oil. This sharpener has been used by professionals in the restaurant and meat industry for years. The stones are also easily replaceable and we carry all of the replacement and accessory stones. Norton model IM313.
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