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Opinel 2.75-inch N°6 Bruno Chaperon Stainless Steel Folding Knife
Opinel 2.75-inch N°6 Bruno Chaperon Stainless Steel Folding Knife
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Mirror polished stainless steel blade features a buffed-glazed finish
The handle is produced using an exclusive, patented method of assembly of wood species and buffed, polished by hand with cotton felt
Double safety ring locks the blade in the closed position
Made in France, full warranty against manufacturing defects


The Opinel Stainless Steel Chaperon Folding Knife is perfect for the outdoors, in the work shop, or around the house, an all-around versatile and reliable tool. Since 1890, generations of Opinel craftsmen have been providing a traditional style to bring you authentic quality knives. 95% of the wood handles come from French forestry holdings. The logs are selected for the quality of their wood. The handle is made from timber sections using machines to cut the length, hooping, shaping, bevelling the ends, sawing the slot, and sanding, followed by varnishing. The stainless steel blade with the addition of chrome, makes it highly corrosion-resistant while providing an excellent cutting edge. The blade is cut out from a strip of steel, and heat-treated to alter the internal structure of the steel, making it very hard. This raw blade then passes through a series of specific grinding wheels in grinding-polishing machines. This process gives the unique domed Opinel profile which ensures unrivalled strength and cutting edge.
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