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Peugeot 6" La Clef du Vin Travel

No Longer Available


  • Enables you to instantly reveal the qualities of wine
  • Works effectively on all types of wine including white, sparkling, rose, red and naturally sweet wines
  • Adjust the balance of a wine to your personal taste, and enjoy it straight away
  • Accurately gauge how your wines will develop so that you can manage your wine cellar efficiently
  • 6-inch La Clef du Vin Travel, calibrated for a 100-ml glass of wine
  • Made in France with a 2-year warranty


The Peugeot La Clef du Vin instantly reveals the ageing potential of wine and appreciate a good young wine, without waiting for it to mature. Each second the Peugeot La Clef du Vin is in contact with the wine mimics one year of aging, the effect is cumulative and irreversible. A catalyst transfers and loses nothing, so it is completely safe to use and is guaranteed to be effective for life on all types of wines including red wine, rose, white, dry mellow, sweet, and sparkling. Includes a 6-inch La Clef du Vin Travel, calibrated for a 100-ml glass of wine. Features all stainless steel construction. Made in France.

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