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Shapton GlassStone Japanese Water Stones
Shapton GlassStone Japanese Water Stones
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10000-grit Water Stone is designed for very fine blade finishing with a mirror polished edge
One of the hardest and denser stones than any other ceramic water stones on the market
Material removes quickly and time required to hold a blade angle on the stone is reduced
The sharpest cutting edge is obtained by the finite intersection of two highly polished flat surfaces
HR series stone lasts longer and outperforms Shapton's HC series stones when sharpening high carbon stainless steel knives
Made in Japan; 8.25 x 2.75 x 0.25-inch stone, 1/2-inches thick overall including glass


Shapton stones are superior at sharpening because of the high abrasive content, and forming an edge in no time. Shapton stones never need to be soaked in water before use, just splash on some water and start sharpening in seconds. Shapton's unique bonding technology allows the abrasives to perform at an optimum level, resulting in long-lasting sharpening stones. Shapton's broad range allows users to select stones suitable to each blade's composition and shape, giving great sharpening and a perfect finish.
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