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Shun Hinoki Cutting Boards
Shun Hinoki Cutting Boards
10-3/4 x 8-1/4" (1/2" Thick)
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Japanese Hinoki is a white cypress wood
Medium-soft tight grain wood creates the perfect cutting surface and preserves the finest knife blade edge
Hinoki wood naturally has bacterial properties and has a pleasant lemony scent
Reversible board; cross-grain end construction resists warping; sealed edges limit water absorption when washing
10.75 x 8.25 x 0.5-inches thick, weighs 0.5-lbs
Made in Japan with a 10-year warranty


The Shun Hinoki Cutting Board is crafted of Japanese Hinoki, a white cypress wood known for its beauty, natural lemony fragrance, and longevity even in the most humid conditions. Hinoki wood is used in the finest restaurants and sushi bars. The medium-soft wood and grain structure creates the perfect cutting surface for the sharpest knives and preserves the blade edge of all knives. Hinoki wood is also known for its natural anti-bacterial properties, making it one of the most hygienic choices available for your kitchen. The cross-grain end construction resists warping and the sealed edges limit water absorption when washing. Hinoki cutting boards are considered by premier chefs, one of the best cutting surfaces available. Shun Hinoki Cutting Boards are a blend of luxury and practicality. Made in Japan, 10-year warranty.
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