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Shun Sharpening Stone & Knife Care Kit

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Set Includes

300 & 1000 Grit Combination Water Stone
2-oz Food-Grade Oil Bottle
Talc Ball Powder
Three Polishing Cloths
Five Polishing Sticks
Bamboo Storage Box


  • 3 Polishing cloths: use two for polishing, one for applying oil
  • 5 Polishing sticks in 3 different grits for cleaning and polishing: grey (fine), red (medium), white (coarse)
  • 2-ounce Bottle food-grade oil protects blade surface once cleaned
  • Talc ball powder is very mildly abrasive and is used to clean the blade
  • Complete instructions are included with bamboo storage box
  • 7-1/8" x 2-3/8" x 1-1/8" thick Water Stone made in Japan, Knife Care Kit made in China


The Shun Knife Care Kit has the tools you'll need to help maintain your Shuns in their best condition. Inspired by the style of care and tools traditionally used to keep samurai swords in optimal condition, Shun created a convenient kit designed to help keep your "kitchen swords" in beautiful condition, too. The Shun Knife Care Kit lets you deal with natural tarnishing, discoloration, and even surface rust to protect your investment in Shun cutlery. The kit provides a selection of tools, from polishing cloths and sticks to a Japanese-style talc ball, all designed to help you remove those little spots that can develop, even with the best of care. Of course, preventative maintenance is the best maintenance. So the first step in keeping your Shuns in top condition is the simple daily care we recommend: use proper cutting technique, cut on an appropriate surface, hand wash in mild detergent, dry thoroughly with an absorbent towel and especially along the thin cutting edge and allow to air-dry before storage. To catch any problems at their earliest stage, when they're easiest to correct, we recommend examining your knives whenever you use them. The sooner you catch a potential problem, the less of a problem it will be. Other than thoughtful preventative care, the Shun Knife Care Kit is your best line of defense in keeping your Shuns performing and looking their best.

The Shun 300 & 1000 Grit Combination Water Stone is double sided and comes with a rubber base to secure the stone while sharpening. Grit #300 is used to repair nicks, damaged edge blades or dull knives. Grit #1000 is used for basic sharpening. Before sharpening, pre-soak the whetstone for 10-20 minutes and keep the stone slightly wet during the sharpening process. Next to taking your knives to a professional sharpener, this is the choice sharpening method of many chefs.

Prior to using the whetstone, it should be completely soaked in water for about 10 to 20 minutes. Please make sure that the stone is always slightly wet during the sharpening process. When sharpening single-edged knives the ground side should be treated first. Make sure that you maintain the angle given by the manufacturer. If at all possible apply an angle of 45° (to achieve the best possible surface). Grind towards the edge using pressure; release the pressure on the way back. Apply as often as necessary to achieve the desired degree of sharpness. Once finished on this side, turn the blade over and start on the other side but only approx. 1/10th as often as before. Double-edged knives need the same treatment but with an angle of 15°. Both sides need to be ground evenly to restore the symmetrically ground edge.

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