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Shun 3 Piece Sharpening System
Shun 3 Piece Sharpening System
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Set Includes

9" Combination Honing Steel
10 x 3.5 x 4-in. Bamboo Stand
1000 & 6000 Grit Combination Water Stone


Includes combination whetstone 1000 grit & 6000 grit, combination sharpening steel and bamboo stand
Grit #1000 is used for basic sharpening, #6000 grit is for fine finishing
Presoak whetstone in water for 10-20 minutes
Rubber base included, elevates and secures stone for easy sharpening
Made in Japan


The Shun Sharpening System is the choice sharpening method of many chefs. The combination water stone is double sided and comes with a rubber base to secure the stone while sharpening. Grit #1000 is used for basic sharpening and grit #6000 is used for fine finishing and will place a razor sharp polished edge onto the knife blade. Before sharpening, pre-soak the whetstone for 10-20 minutes and keep the stone slightly wet during the sharpening process. The bamboo stand is built to match Shun's 16° blade angle and allows for even sharpening. Made in Japan.
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