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Shun Universal Saya Blade Sheath for 7-inch Santoku & 8-inch Chef's Knives

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  • Fits a wide selection of Shun 7-inch and 8-inch knives
  • Beechwood sheath construction
  • Locking pin with red retention cord
  • Beautiful, traditional-style protection for your fine Shun knives
  • Made in China; wipe with damp towel to clean


Protect and store your larger Shun knives safely and securely with this Shun Universal Saya Blade Sheath. Beautifully crafted of durable beechwood, this handsome saya/sheath, is perfect for Shun's 7-inch and 8-inch knives. (See full list below.) The locking pin is tied to a traditional red thread keeping each knife securely within its sheath. Expect a looser fit for breath-ability and air circulation.

This traditional-style saya fits these Shun knives:

Shun Classic
DM0706 Shun Classic 8-in. Chef's Knife
DM0718 Shun Classic 7-in. Hollow Edge Santoku
DM0719 Shun Classic 8-in. Hollow Edge Chef's Knife
DM0760 Shun Classic 7-in. Asian Chef's Knife

Shun Premier
TDM0702 Shun Premier 7-in. Santoku Knife
TDM0706 Shun Premier 8-in. Chef's Knife
TDM0760 Shun Premier 7-in. Asian Chef's Knife

Shun Kanso
SWT0706 Shun Kanso 8-in. Chef's Knife
SWT0718 Shun Kanso 7-in. Hollow Edge Santoku

Shun Sora
VB0706 Shun Sora 8-in. Chef's Knife
VB0718 Shun Sora 7-in. Hollow Edge Santoku

Shun Kaji
KDM0004 Shun Kaji 7-in. Hollow Edge Santoku
KDM0006 Shun Kaji 8-in. Chef's Knife
KDM0054 Shun Kaji 7-in. Asian Chef's Knife

Shun Hikari
HDM0706 Shun Hikari 8-in. Chef's Knife

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