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Tojiro DP Hammered 6.75" Santoku Knife
Tojiro DP Hammered 6.75" Santoku Knife
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VG-10 super steel core, 3-ply stainless steel construction
60 Rockwell Hardness; 9 to 12° double bevel blade angle
Kurouchi finish with clear coating on blade surface prevents rust
Hammered texture is not only design, but effective against food sticking to the blade
Water resistant Japanese magnolia handle with resin collar
Made in Japan with a lifetime Warranty


This Tojiro Hammered Santoku Knife is a beautiful, Asian-inspired chef's knife. Designed for vegetables, proteins, fruit for slicing, dicing, and chopping. The slight belly curve enables the cook to rock the blade slightly and makes this santoku as easy to use as a chef's knife. It is especially well suited to a down-and-forward cutting motion (push cut) and many cooks swear by their santoku for top performance.

The Tojiro Hammered Series features 3-ply clad construction with a core of VG-10 super steel. This formula of steel results in a 60 Rockwell Hardness, and provides a 9 to 12° blade angle for scalpel-like sharpness. The handle is made from Japanese magnolia, which has smooth texture and good in water resistance, providing the perfect balance. The closed resin collar allows for full and complete sharpening of the blade. Every knife is meticulously hand finished by a artisan craftsmen. The Tojiro DP series offers a large selection of blade shapes and sizes to cover all your Asian and Western culinary tasks. Tojiro Hammered is a fusion of tradition with modern technology.
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