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Tojiro 6.5" Shirogami Carbon Steel Santoku Knife
Tojiro 6.5" Shirogami Carbon Steel Santoku Knife
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Carbon steel blade with a kurouchi (dark) finish; dark finish prevents food from reacting with the blade
Shirogami (White Steel) #2
D-shaped oak wood handle with a dark plastic ferrule
Please note that this knife is not stainless, it will patina and will rust if not washed and dried immediately after use
Made in Japan; easy to re-sharpen to a razor edge


The Tojiro Shirogami Carbon Steel Santoku Knife is an all-purpose knife used for cutting meat, fish, vegetables, and more. Handcrafted of White #2 Shirogami steel. The Shirogami clad core is the same type of steel, but with a dark and rough looking kurouchi finish. Both steels are reactive when exposed to moisture and acidic foods. The knife will change colors with hues of blues and grays over time. This steel is also quite hard, so care is needed so as to not chip edge. The D-shaped oak wood handle features a beautiful a dark plastic ferrule. Handcrafted in Japan.
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