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Tojiro Water Stone Flattening Tool

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  • Flattening stone is made out of a very hard silicon carbide
  • Use only to smooth and flatten whetstones- do not use to sharpen
  • Place water on flattening stone before use
  • Grooves provide channels for removal of material during the flattening process
  • Measures 6-5/8 x 2-1/4 x 1-1/8-inches; 60-grit
  • Will re-condition all types and grits of water stones; Made in Japan


This flattening stone will re-condition your waterstone. After sometime your waterstone may have an uneven surface. To re-flatten your waterstone, simply place water on this flattening stone and your waterstone with the grooved side down and slide back and forth. This stone not only flattens the sharpening surface of the waterstone, but it also smooth's & refresh's the surface. Made in Japan

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