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Victorinox Fibrox 10" Butcher's Knife
Victorinox Fibrox 10" Butcher's Knife
No Longer Available

High carbon, stainless steel blade is hand-finished in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen
Special tempering process is used to resharpen over and over again
Each Victorinox knife is stamped from a single sheet of metal
Patented Fibrox handles are hygienic, dishwasher safe and slip-resistant
Made in Switzerland with a lifetime guarantee


This Victorinox Fibrox Butcher's Knife is designed for butchering large pieces of meat. Victorinox Fibrox blades are stamped and cut into a shape from a cold rolled piece of steel and then ground, tempered, and sharpened. It requires many less steps than forging and results in a lighter, narrower blade. Stamped knives are easier to produce and therefore less expensive and can be resharpened over and over again. They perform very well and can approach the quality of a forged blade (but not the weight or feel). A stamped knife can usually be identified by the absence of a bolster. The patented Fibrox handle is hygienic, dishwasher safe and slip-resistant. Features quality steel x50CR MO composition with a Rockwell hardness of 55-56 for high edge retention. All blades are conically ground on the full length of the blade as well as ground crosswise. This results in a wider break point with less risk of blade fracturing and less resistance for ease of cutting. This provides, along with the expert manufacturing processes, the exact conditions for a lifetime of sharp edge and performance. NSF stands for the National Sanitary Foundation and is a seal of quality assurance. It is used primarily in the commercial environment and is on all stamped blades made by Victorinox. All Fibrox handles of Victorinox are NSF approved.
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