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Victorinox 4 Piece Edge-Mag Magnetic Blade Guard Set
Victorinox 4 Piece Edge-Mag Magnetic Blade Guard Set
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Easy to use magnetic blade protector
Universal design fits most sizes and shapes
Can be cut to fit most blades
Hygienic, washable and dishwasher safe (low temp)
Made in USA with a lifetime guarantee


This Victorinox Edge-Mag Magnetic Blade Guard Set includes a 7" protector, 9" protector, 10.5" protector and a 12.5" protector. Open the Edge-Mag and place a knife with the edge aligned to the inside lip with the bolster flush against the tapered end. Close the Edge-Mag like a book and the knife edge should be completely covered. To remove, open carefully like a book, holding the knife by the handle. The Edge-Mag is manufactured with multi poled magnets that cannot magnetize your knife. They utilize complex magnetic fields that alternate every 1/8" and cannot permanently align the poles in any magnetically receptive object.
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