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Victorinox 4 Piece Edge-Mag Magnetic Blade Guard Set
Victorinox 4 Piece Edge-Mag Magnetic Blade Guard Set
Sorry, this item is out of stock.
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Magnetic blade protector
Easy to use
Universal design - fits most sizes and shapes
Can be cut to fit most blades
Hygienic / washable and dishwasher safe (low temp)
All Victorinox cutlery products are backed by a lifetime guarantee


Includes a 7-in. protector, 9-in. protector, 10.5-in. protector and a 12.5-in protector. Open the Edge-Mag and place a knife with the edge aligned to the inside lip with the bolster flush against the tapered end. Close the Edge-Mag like a book and the knife edge should be completely covered. To remove, open carefully like a book, holding the knife by the handle. The Edge-Mag is manufactured with multi poled magnets that cannot magnetize your knife. They utilize complex magnetic fields that alternate every 1/8-in and cannot permanently align the poles in any magnetically receptive object.
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