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Wusthof Performer Knives


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  • Forged high-quality chromium molybdenum vanadium steel (X50 CrMoV 15) with DLC coated finish
  • 58 Rockwell Hardness, 104 Surface Hardness; 14° blade angle on each side
  • Hexagon Power Grip handle with honeycomb structure provides firm grip
  • Hydrophobic 'lotus effect' of the surface causes freshly cut pieces of food to slip away
  • Made in in Solingen, Germany with a lifetime warranty


The Wusthof Performer Chef's Knife is the dynamic all-rounder in the kitchen. With its 8" blade, this professional knife is ideal for precise, powerful work on all types of ingredients. It is suitable for all knife techniques, making it the perfect all-purpose knife for food lovers and professional chefs.

Wusthof Performer combines centuries of great craftsmanship from Solingen, Germany, with cutting edge manufacturing technology. The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, created for space travel and motor sports, increases the surface hardness of Wusthof steel from 58 to a unique 104 Rockwell. It is virtually immune to adverse external effects and extremely resistant to heat. Wusthof is the first knife manufacturer in the world to use this technology on a fully forged knife with bolster. The hydrophobic 'lotus effect' of the surface causes freshly cut pieces of food, such as slices of a juicy onion, to slip away. Cutting feels almost frictionless. The blade repels acids from citrus fruits, as well as fats or starches. Simply wipe and it shines like new. The Hexagon Power Grip with its honeycomb structure gives you a firm grip even under difficult working conditions. You will always use your knife safely and precisely. The handle of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide is easy-care. Each knife is forged from a single piece of stainless steel, ensuring superior purity and durability. The Wusthof Performer series is of the unsurpassed quality that has made Solingen a synonym for knife craft.

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