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Wusthof 1000/3000 Grit Fine Combination Ceramic Water Stone

No Longer Available


  • 8 x 2.25-inch sharpening surface, 1.25-inch stone thickness; includes removable rubber base
  • Fine grain 1000/3000 grit, coarse side for presharpening and a fine side for final honing
  • Removes small nicks and sharpening blunt knives on 1000 grit side, normal edge maintenance 3000 grit on other side
  • The hardened ceramic powder combination with water is what sharpens the knife
  • Made in Germany


The Wusthof Fine Combination Ceramic Water Stone features a coarse grain on one side with a finer grain on the other. The 1000 side of the stone with the coarse grain is suitable for removing small flaws and dents and to prepare the edge for honing. The 3000 side with the finer grain is used to hone the edge to the desired sharpness. Using gentle pressure, simply pull the edge of the blade in a 20° angle across the stone from the heel of the blade to its tip. Repeat this same procedure on the other side of the edge. Before each use, immerse the stone in water for 5-10 minutes. Always place the stone on a flat, slip-resistant surface, and use the entire surface of the stone when sharpening. This will ensure even wear of the stone over time.

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