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Wusthof Water Stones
Wusthof Water Stones
8" 3000/8000 Grit Super Fine Combination Ceramic
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8 x 2.25-inch sharpening surface, 1.25-inch stone thickness; includes removable rubber base
Two Grits: 1000/2000 European (Equivalent to 3000/8000 Japanese)
The hardened ceramic powder combination with water is what sharpens the knife
Waterstones are used for re-beveling and re-sharpening knife edges
Made in Solingen, Germany with a lifetime warranty


Using your Wusthof Whetstone: Submerge the stone in water for about 5 - 10 minutes. As soon as the air bubbles stop rising, the stone is ready for use. Continue to apply water also during the sharpening. Place the stone on a slip-resistant base and start by using the 1000 grit side of the stone. Move the blade back and forth over the stone at an angle of 10° - 15° by using gentle pressure. Start at the tip of the blade, continue to the middle and finish at the end of the blade. After a while, you will notice a small burr at the edge. Repeat the same process on the other side of the blade and remember to keep the angle at 10° - 15°. Repeat the same steps for using the 2000 super fine grit side of the stone. You will notice a very fine residue on the surface of the stone and particles will result in an even finer edge. In order to remove the remaining burr, pull the blade at an angle twice over the stone against the edge. Now you will have achieved the best sharpness. Rinse the stone and clean off the grinding residues and clean the knife with hot water.
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