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Yaxell Water Stones
Yaxell Water Stones
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400-grit water stone designed for removing small flaws and dents as well as repair work
Pre-soak the water stone with rubber base in water for 10 minutes
Blade angle keeper maintains a 10-20° sharpening angle
Leveling repair stone cleans and removes metal particles off the water stone
7 x 2-3/8 x 3/4-inch thick Water Stone
Made in Japan


Yaxell Japanese Water Stones are designed for reforming a dull blade edge in no time. Includes a Yaxell Japanese Water Stone, non-slip removable rubber base, blade angle keeper, and a leveling stone. Be sure to soak the water stone with the rubber base in water for 10 minutes. For safety, keep the water stone on a flat surface while using the angle keeper. When completed, use the leveling stone to correct any concave surfaces and removing metal particles on the water stone.
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