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Kramer by Zwilling Carbon Steel Care Kit


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Set Includes

Camellia Oil
Cotton Cloth
Rust Eraser


  • Set includes a rust eraser, camellia oil and a cotton cloth
  • Helps to maintain carbon steel blade cutlery
  • The rust eraser removes rust without damaging the blade
  • Camellia oil conserves the blade and prevents wooden handle from drying or cracking
  • Made in Germany with a limited lifetime warranty


The Bob Kramer Carbon Steel Care Kit helps to maintain carbon steel blade cutlery. The rust eraser, otherwise known as the rubberized abrasive bench stone removes surface rust from your valuable knives without damaging the blades. Using water as a lubricant, the rust is erased. The camellia oil is a versatile, light oil from the seeds of a camellia tree. When applied to wooden surfaces, camellia oil is absorbed quickly and helps protect wood handles from damage by moisture, dirt and UV light. Since the oil is clear, it won't discolor or harden and serves to accentuate the wood's natural beauty. Camellia oil is acid-free, not volatile and not susceptible to resinification, making it the ideal oil to protect knives from rust. Since the oil is 100% organic and food safe, it's especially well-suited for the preservation of kitchen knives made of high carbon steel.

To remove rust, simply wet the rust eraser with water and rub rust spot with light pressure in one direction parallel to the blade's pattern. Wipe the blade clean and dry with a kitchen towel. Add a bit of Camellia oil on the blade and spread it out uniformly with the provided cotton cleaning cloth. Camellia oil will protect against future rust.

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